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Education, Marketing, and Travel

Whether you're looking to get some additional writing instruction while you learn remotely, need assistance with the heavy lifting of college applications, are looking to polish your resume, market your business on social media, or plan a unique stateside vacation, I've got you covered!

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When You Need 1-on-1 Expertise

Traditional homeschooling and online learners are used to hiring outside writing instructors to supplement their curriculum; as many families turn to distance learning in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, worry and frustration set in as to whether their students may need more direct college preparatory writing instruction.

School Application


Expert Guidance

The college admissions process can be intimidating – the search for just the right school, the parts and pieces required for each school’s unique admissions process, and managing all of it in a timely fashion is overwhelming for busy students and families. Even more importantly, however, is knowing exactly how to market yourself as an attractive candidate. 

Sure, you have the scores and the GPA, but those are just two components of how most colleges evaluate candidates. In a increasingly competitive market, students need to also communicate the “intangibles” that set them apart from the masses.

My years of expertise as a writing instructor gives me the ability to objectively examine your unique abilities and personality and develop concepts, structures, and content that will make you and your personal statement stand out in a crowded academic world. This ensures that you engage admissions audiences and showcase yourself in the best way possible. 



Find Your Adventure

Maybe you love to travel but haven't explored much stateside, or perhaps you're looking for a different kind of adventure than what you typically seek. Or you would love to learn how to camp but need a little guidance, or better yet, show up to a campsite and have it already set up, prepped, and ready for you to enjoy. Either way, I can work with you to plan the perfect getaway, whether you are planning the solo adventure of a lifetime or a romantic surprise getaway. We'll work together to customize the perfect trip!

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