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When You Need 1-on-1 Expertise

Traditional homeschooling and online learners are used to hiring outside writing instructors to supplement their curriculum; as many families turn to distance learning in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, worry and frustration set in as to whether their students may need more direct college preparatory writing instruction. 

Only available for students in grades 9-12 currently, I'm offering my expertise as a former classroom writing instructor; in my nearly 15 years of teaching, I taught nearly every subject from English I to AP Language and Composition, as well as English 101 Composition at a local Nashville college. 

Our teachers are doing the very best they can with a tough situation, though many students benefit from more individualized instruction. Choose from four-week units such as Research Writing, Literary Analysis, and Rhetorical Writing. Each course's fee is $350 and includes direct and virtual 1-on-1 instruction, helpful resources, and a final student essay upon course completion. 

Learn to Read
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The Foundation for Everything Else

Learning the proper fundamentals of research, source documentation, and academic writing is one of the most important skills a student can learn in high school. These valuable skills carry over into every other subject and help prevent errors in plagiarism. Learn to work with various source materials, identify source bias, and construct a full research paper in correct MLA format.

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Digging Deeper Into the Text

One of the most widely-taught modes of writing in high school and college classrooms is the literary analysis. This form of writing requires close reading and annotations from the source text and an understanding of themes, character analysis, and the book's broader implications. We'll go over all of that plus construct a full literary analysis essay, focusing on deepening commentary to support textual evidence.

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The Overlooked Mode of Writing

Because so much of the high school English scope and sequence emphasizes research, literary analysis, and informational texts, it's difficult to find time to teach rhetorical writing - so of course, it makes sense that many students feel unprepared for the task on college applications and in the freshman  English classroom. 

Here, we'll study popular rhetorical and persuasive devices and examine what elements of writing determine one's style, culminating in a final rhetorical essay and reflection. 

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