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Are You Ready for College-Level Writing?

Now that the craziness of the start of the school year is past us, we're finally able to glimpse at what skills might take a hit in the remote learning setting, and college-level writing is right at the top. It's one thing to do independent research and submit a paper electronically, but it is entirely another to truly learn the processes in these modes of writing and mature from formulaic high school writing to high-level, stylistic college-level writing.

Remote learning, and the technologies that have emerged from this necessity, is a godsend in such uncertain times, but when it comes to personalized writing instruction, it is difficult to re-create a classroom experience that typically includes one-on-one conferencing, real-time editing and instruction, and in-person workshops focused on digging deeper than just a first draft.

As a former writing instructor, I can't imagine the challenges teachers have in diversifying lesson plans and grading procedures along with the mental load this year carries, so I don't find fault with any particular party or circumstance in this tough situation other than simply chalking it up to one more log on the dumpster fire of 2020.

Combined with lost instruction in the spring, many students may be wondering if they're going to be at a disadvantage in college when it comes to research, sophisticated writing styles, and deep literary analysis. This year, I am expanding my services beyond college admissions consulting to concentrated and personalized remote writing instruction to distance learners looking to up their game. Offering specialized units in research, rhetoric, and rhetorical analysis, we'll meet virtually over a four-week time span with the culmination of one full-length, polished final essay in the writing mode of your choice. All students will have access to my own created resources and receive multiple, in-depth edits and workshops as y0u build your essay.

An important aspect not to be missed here is that these skills are the ones that affect every other area of your education. Without the proper foundations in research writing and critical analysis, it's difficult to progress in other subject areas where these skills are necessary. Let's talk and see how we can grow you into a confident writer ready for the academic challenges ahead!

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