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Oklahoma State University

“Your college essay is undoubtedly one of the most important papers you will write—it can also be the most frustrating. I needed someone to guide my writing and Lane was the perfect solution. She was able to tap into some of my most personal experiences and make me feel comfortable and inspired to write about them. Through our sessions we were able to make my essay concise, direct, and mature—while still maintaining its personal nature. Together we were able to cultivate a good essay into a great one. You’re applying against hundreds to thousands of students and have only 500 words to write something memorable. Lane is exceptional at discovering and building on your strengths to show your dream school who you are and why you are the student for them. I was academically accepted into all nine schools I applied to and am attending my dream school in the fall—trust me, it’s worth it!”



Summit High School Valedictorian 2014-2015, Attending University of Pennsylvania on Scholarship, Research Intern at Vanderbilt University

“Daunting, high stakes, stressful… It’s no secret that these words fully capture the feelings of the college application process. After all, your next four years depends on this seemingly difficult and foreign application. However, after receiving assistance from Lane Rosencrans, the application process was anything but difficult or stressful. Her ability to deconstruct prompts, identify my true voice in writing, and her knowledge on the application process allowed me to enjoy my senior year free of stress and worry. Many counselors, teachers, and students have the wrong idea of what an admissions essay should include. Lane, on the other hand, knows what an essay’s style and content should look like, and she worked effectively with me to achieve that. This yielded a more genuine and effective essay for me. The essay is a crucial part of the application process and allows admissions officers a glimpse at the type of student you are. By working with Lane, I was easily able to paint a picture of who I am as a student as well as learn how to write effectively. And I credit my admissions into two ivy-leagues and multiple tier-one schools to this essay that Lane helped me create and perfect. Words cannot express how grateful I am for her services and help, and I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in perfecting their college application or even just strengthening their writing skills.”



COO, Gallaher & Associates

“When I was looking to make a transition in my career I contacted Lane to help me review and update my resume. She was extremely friendly and patient with me and offered to assist as little or as much as I desired. We ended up completely reworking my resume. When I then began negotiating for the position I wanted Lane assisted me in email correspondence with the owner. I’m confident that her input and assistance played a pivotal role in getting the offer I wanted. She is a caring, sweet person who brings a smile to your face every time you talk to her. We formed a bond of trust extremely quickly and I trusted her as a confidant during this process instead of just another resume help service. She truly went above and beyond to do the very best she could for me. I highly recommend Lane for any professional writing or presentation needs you may have – you won’t find anyone better.”



Valedictorian, Summit High School 2016, Indiana State University

“Applying to college represents a daunting task for any rising adult. Balancing the senior year schedule with high school social scene lasts leaves little room for writer’s block on countless empty essays that will determine how many loans you take out in a place that you will spend four years of your life. Wonderfully, my experience with Mrs. Faulkner’s individualized and intelligent approach to the unique stamp I wanted to leave on the college admissions process allowed me to open every admittance letter with confidence. Because of the quality of my essays, guided immensely by Mrs. Faulkner, I am able to not only follow my passion for chemistry, but also to do so in specialized programs cushioned by multiple scholarships.

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